Programme «World of mountains. Eliminatory camp in Dolomites.»


First Day «New Friends»

Challenge of the Day: New people in our environment give chance to become new for everybody.

Description: Not to be one you're usually described by surrounding people, but to try to become greater person you were dreaming in the childhood or you're dreaming to become in future.
Each of those who has come to our camp knows what Agents of Changes mean. He took part in on-line course and consciously tends to get such competency.

That's why he knows about significance of a team. The key to team-building is friendliness.
Today we divide into teams and get acquainted with each other as only those who have interest in each other can make friends.

Today each unit should prepare presentation and tell about themselves, their aims, dreams, ideas before all the camp. Agents don't have secrets from friends.

The team of organizers will also share with daring plans, tell about coming greek ChronoExpedition and reveal details of each day of our eliminatory camp.

Each team creates motivating and inspiring story about themslelves, about their plans for the nearest 2 weeks and their understanding of current role of the Agent of Change in the world.

Quality of the Day: friendliness

Location: base camp

Second Day. «Daring plans»

Challenge of the Day: To set important aims for their team for the nearest 12 days.

Description: Even two weeks of our expedition can give impulse for all life. It's possible owing to friendly team, difficult itinerary and daring aims what is the most important.

But we can't announce aims, we must set them by ourselves, no matter individual or general.

Expedition is a small life , that's why it's necessary to refer to aims seriously. Each team will have to determine the topic of the project that they will solve in their film and to tell about their choice of Agent of Changes according to the topic of investigation of the future ChronoExpedition.

Today our aim is to go through the unity process, and for that reason leaders of teams prepared different tasks for team consolidation. Besides we'll hold a small radia exit. There are things we should do today: to become closer, lose prejudices, learn how to help and take care of each other.

Quality of the Day: team spirit

Location: base camp

Third Day. «World of Mountains»

Challenge of the day: Development of intuition and feelings that are necessary for each Agent of Changes.

Description: The day has come when we set forth to the real mountains world.

It's a special world in which each of us is a guest.

So youngsters will have to learn how to communicate with it and understand what it wants from each member of the team.

Development of intuition and feelings are needed for every Agent of Changes who goes by way of accelerated growth, only this way you can react quickly to impediments and trials of life.

Today we'll learn the most principal technology of Agents.

It presents everybody real power that can remove mountains and helps to be in the driver's seat — power to follow the dream, power of heart.

Today we're sending youngsters into exercise trek in order to catch spectacular sightseeings and beauty of Alps. They'll catch spirit of freedom that reigns in the mountains and is born in heart of every Agent of Changes in the world.

The trek begins on the height of about 2000 metres, where we'll have to lift on the chairlift from the valley. We'll walk on the slopes of massif Presanella that is standing against Dolomiti di Brenta. The track goes via eastern slopes of Presanella, from which it's possible to observe amplitudinous view of Dolomiti di Brenta during all the day. Except grandiose view, massif Presanella is famous for it's lakes. They're situated in the forest belt and in the highlands either. We'll track through several lakes, from which Three Lakes on the altitude 2300 metres are the most interesting. Super photos will be made around Three Lakes. Today our overnight stop will take place at the lake with perfect view on Dolomiti di Brenta. Sunset mountains is one of the most beautiful places on the itinerary.

Quality of the Day: freedom

Fourth Day. «First trials»

Challenge of the day: Trials. It's important for us and Agents to begin to fight for team and realise it's importance.

Description: There now trials begin, it's that thing without going through which no real team builds, no great things are done, no close frienship is made.

This day everything won't go according to the plan, difficulties and minor hiccups of life will check the team for strength.

Will youngsters be able not to quarell, will they be able to hold the flow of the Way, will they be able to keep friendliness and care about each other?

It's important lesson for them to understand the difference between two days and make conscious choice to friendship, trust and support of each other.

It's important for us and Agents to begin to fight for team and realise it's importance.

Today we're starting with youngsters for cycletravel through the local beautiful places. It passes spirit of freedom and adventures the best way. Breathtaking views, new horizons and friends nearby, what else is needed for happiness?

Quality of Day: caring

Fifth Day. «Flow of life»

Challenge of the Day: To understand that every person has it's way and it's extremely important to catch feeling of this way.

Fuss of civilizations backs off and we enter the special flow of life — travelling.

Our aim for today is to feel movement in this flow and understand that every person has the Way and it's extremely important to catch feeling of his Way. Only this way person becomes really happy. Freedom, joyfullness, feeling of new explorations begin to appear in him.

And just then youngsters become intimated and begin to understand that they feel something similar, they're all on the Way, they're all participants of one breathtaking travelling, parts of oneness, they are all team.

Today we'll start for horse-riding expedition. It's very important part of Agents readiness because animals can't be cheated, they feel everything. It's not by coincidence the method of healing that supposes contacts with horses and dolphins exists. If you gained friendliness, firmness of intentions, inner power, caring skill, then you won't have difficulties to make friends with horses and they will reply you with love and mutuality.

Quality of the Day: joyfullness

Location: horse farm

Sixth Day. «Fight your fear»

Challenge of the Day:

Today time has come to speak about that encounter that waits every Agent on the way of development. It's encounter with fear.

The very moment when strength and confidence leaves you and you realise that you can't do anything.

And it's better to be ready for this moment and know what to do, otherwise consequences can be the saddest.

Everybody will have to find his fear, bring it to light and begin so far virtual battle with it. But this experience will help everybody in the team to become stronger and be ready for real encounter in life.

To be ready to win, because each of us already knows how to do it.

We'll learn about special soul power that is necessary for victory and today we“ll learn how to apply it.

Today new daring challenge is waiting for youngsters — alpinism. We use this stage in order to help to cope with the most spread fear — fear of heights. When huge space is under the person, not everybody begins to feel freedom like a bird, many are enchained by horror of possible falling. But Agents can keep their temper, confidence, exact actions, trust to instructor are the main ingredients of success during this trial.

Quality: calmness


Seventh Day. «Fire of fearlessness»

Challenge of the Day: We learn how to overcome fears

Description: Every person tends to fulfill his dreams. Especially it's important for Agents of Changes, as they live the dream. But how to understand what dreams are true and what dreams are false. What dreams will lead you to predestination and what dreams will bewilder? How to see dream and not to go off piste? How not to give up? How to conquer the most difficult rival — yourself?

Every Agent must reply on these questions. Answers for them lead to acquisition of reason to live. That's how we come to the most important ingredient of every winner — fire of fearlessness.

It allows to take up arms against own fears, doubts, hesitations, incertitude and win.

It's important that decisive trial is waiting for us soon where each team will show what it can. Paintball battle between Agents teams is waiting for us today. Paintball is a perfect tactical play that enables to bring to light strengths of teams and show up leaders. There's no time for fears and hesitations, here it's necessary to run ahead and win, but to act carefully and efficiently. We use paintball as final stage of Agents teams formation.

Quality: fearlessness


Eighth Day. «Final trial»

Challenge of the Day: Readiness to start for autonomous expedition for 3 days.

Description: The very day has come. Everything must be tried.

Leaders of teams have been training Agents teams for 7 days and the moment has come to see how it worked out. Every team will have to show it's unity, effectiveness, strength of mind and fire of fearlessness. These are criteria according to which mentors of camp will esteem them. It won't be easy, youngsters will push the limit, but owing to new knowledge they will manage the challenge and come back to the base camp, having become stronger, freer and better. Final trial is held in the format of autonomous adventurous race. Youngsters get itinerary map from our guides according to which they will have to go in the nearest 3 days. Rafting, trekking in Dolomites Alps and long trip on the mountain bikes are waiting for them. For good point teams participants must meet deadline — 60 hours sharp. But every Agents team can progress and go through trials of each day better and faster than others. Let the strongest win!

In the first day of race rafting down the mountainous river is waiting for youngsters. Rafting is a very good possibility to demonstrate how team is coping with difficulties on practice, to what extent they operate like one team, tend to victory. Every team has it's raft and it depends only on them how quickly they will achieve final point of itinerary and if they become winners of the first day.

Location: Today we'll go under western wall Pietra Grande, the path goes near shatters of stiff with abundance of outlandish fossilized shellfish. It's not rareness to see fossils in the mountains, but you don't often meet such concentration. It'll be possible to see turquoise mirror of the lake Tovel from highlands after overcoming «Pass of three stones» from open eastern slopes. Tovel is situated in the huge basin, surrounding by thick fir forests. Lake Tovel gained popularity owing to the unique phenomenon - water in the lake became scarlet in the warmest period of summer up to the middle of the twentieth century. The reason of this phenomenon were algals that grew in the lake, they painted lake into red colour while algal bloom.

Accomodation: overnight stop in the mountain hut


Ninth Day. «To see future»

Challenge of the Day: To feel the purpose.

Description:Today youngsters will have amazing chance!

It can't be achieved in usual life in a metropolis. It can't be bought for money or seeked in Google.

Mountains purified them from fuss. Tension and fire of fearlessness burnt fears and hesitations. They showed unity and team consolidation. World of mountains acknowledged them. It means they can touch the main mystery of life — feel their predestination.

Event: It's the second day of trials and epic trekking on mountainous paths, surrounding by beautiful Dolomites is waiting for us. Inspiring views, clouds, that can be touched by hands,freedom wind. Nature beauty and mountains greatness fulfill everybody here. But youngsters will have to go by hard path and rise higher and higher, proving that each unit can go till the end. To struggle, be tolerant, help each other, achieve tension, and feel strength of mind, rising from breast, is a worth trial of the second day. Extension of trekking is about 15 km, difference in elevation is about 1km. It'll be difficult and will be kept in mind for long.Trial duration is 10 hours.

Location: The itinerary dives in the very center of Dolomiti di Brenta. It's the unique landscape with multitude of towers, divided by abysses with depth of 100 metres. The itinerary passes through it on the singular path, accessible for trekking. The path goes round the giant brows with sheer walls and over them noisy flocks of Alpine jackdaws float. By the middle of the day the itinerary leads us to the mountain hut where it's possible to have a rest and dinner.

Accomodation: overnight stop in the mountain hut.

Tenth Day. «Initiation»

Challenge of the Day: Award follows after exam as usual.

But what is the award for people who found themselves, felt their future, gained power and became real friends? Can we imagine more precious awards?

Except for experiencing these moments again and feeling deeper what kind of people they could become in this trial.

It's needed for New to come into them deeper and become part of them.

In this solemn evening initiation for youngsters will happen under the light of stars, each of them will get memorable souvenir from the mountains and our guides.

Let them never forget that Hero is in everyone of us. And during these days of the eliminatory camp they proved themselves that they're those Heroes of Future that they will have to build.

Event: Finishing day of our adventurous race is lengthy down grade on mountain bikes on the pathes down to the valley. It's not so hard physically, but the control and attention level should be up to the mark. The most important is to keep the team. Key condition — participants must finish together. Duration of the trial — 4hours.

Location: To spend night on the lake Tovel and not to see sunrise is a big omission. We should wake up early today to see admirable scenery — reddish summits of Dolomiti de Brente over the lake Tovel in the rays of the orient sun. Waking up so early youngsters will get unforgettable impressions and will bring back home wonderful memorable photos. The journey is going on, we're making a route to rarely stepped north Brente along wild paths, surrounding by intact nature. Today we have splendid views from the backs of the mountain ranges, reddish slopes under the pass, peaceful green meadows and colony of groundhogs under the mountain Monte Peller on the itinerary. In the evening it's possible to rise to the mountain Monte Peller from the mountain hut in order to observe sunset — it's 200 metres height and 1 hour on the way.

Accomodation: overnight stop in the mountain hut

Eleventh Day «Message to future Agents»

Challenge: Share your experience

Description: After holiday we'll break up mountain camp and come back to the camping.

But Agents will have to work hard.

They gained value in the mountains, they have become better version of themselves.

But it's the present of the mountains. And it's needed to be strengthened.

So each of them will have to share with newcomers that arrived to the camp and record video message to the future Agents. Arrival to the base camp. Each project group is recording video addressing for future video clip about experience in the Agents camp.

Quality: ability to give

Accomodation: hotel in Venice


Twelfth Day «We get acquainted with Venice»

Today we'll spend all the day in the beautiful city on water. The beauty of this city had inspired great thinkers and artists for creating beautiful materpieces of architecture and art for many centuries.

We'll take gondola rides on the Grand Canal, walk on the square San Marco and visit one of the venetian museums. In the evening we'll walk while sunset, where we'll have possibility to make the most beautiful photos of this fabulous city.

Accomodation: hotel in Venice, flight back home in the morning.