Can I go to the program with my child?

Yes, you can arrive at the same time with the child, we can even organize a detox program for the parents while the child is engaged in the camp program.


Is it possible to take children under 12 years old on the program?

We are planning programs for children from 10 to 12 years old, but there will be extra groups, but only in Turkey. The program will be a little simpler than the one for teenagers, but nevertheless it is well designed.


What level does a child need to participate in our program?

As Agents we choose everyone who can swim, play sports on a regular basis in any section and is not afraid of the difficulties of independent living for 2 weeks. We’ll teach the rest.


What do you need to take with you for a trip?

In summer it is quite hot in Turkey so you don’t need to take a lot of clothes with you. We need a backpack, comfortable shoes and everything you might need while living outdoor. We do not take extra gadgets, we definitely have much to do during the program. We will provide the exact list some time before departure.


How are the Camp in Cyprus and the Expedition in Greece connected?

The camp is a training base, here we take all willing participants who meet our requirements for age and initial training. Only those who are approved by the mentors after completing our program will go to the Expedition. A place in the Expedition can be won in the competition and the camp participants can participate in it.


How to sign into the camp

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