About the Camp


Our training camp is an exciting challenge for teenagers aged from 12 to 17. It is not a place but a special spirit of adventure, teams and dreams that will inspire for life! After 2 weeks of our camp, our agent team will never look at the world as before. It will be bright, voluminous and inspiring!

During the program all participants will be able to touch a unique profession - an Agent of Change. Experience will make you able to catch the best ideas, work shoulder to shoulder with your faithful mates, create a dream team, create amazing projects, inspire others with your example, make your dreams come true.

We help children to become real creators of a brighter future!

Our camp will be located in a beautiful place - the foothills of the Dolomites mountails (Italy).

Fabulous trails, open spaces, green meadows, mountain rivers, cliffs and peaks are the main signs of this perfect place.